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NFO Creator is a program to create NFO files easily
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NFO Creator is a program to create NFO files easily. These files are often used to store some text information with ASCII graphics. You should have seen these ASCII files when downloading files from the Internet, as most uploaders include them to give information about their site or cracking group. These files often include some eye-catching ASCII drawings. To do this drawings may be a little difficult using other editors, but NFO Creator makes this process a lot easier. With this program you can create your own NFO files, importing the content from another file or creating it from the scratch. You can choose between three types of ASCII symbols to include, click on the desired symbol and paste it into your file by using the spacebar. The program allows you to insert ready-made sections (labeled as Logo, File Type, URL and Cyberleading) that you can use as a base for your own data, or you can manually insert whatever you want, text or ASCII symbols. The fonts you can choose for the text are Terminal, MS Sans Serif or Verdana, in four different sizes. The program includes two ready made templates.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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